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Chattering Kids Parent Reviews

School: St Joseph Institution Junior

Primary 6

Michael Low

Signed Up Since P4:

  • Chinese Oral & Communication

  • Chinese Compo Writing

Image by KOBU Agency

Am especially thankful for his tutor for going through the topic of friendship with him the night before, as well as Xiao laoshi from @chatteringkids who have been patiently guiding him all this time

Especially since he had come a long way from only uttering his first word at 22 months, to finally completing his first ever major examination on verbal ability

I love how it's super fuss free to communicate our needs with the admin people, and the extremely encouraging and patient teacher J11 had. Will be continuing with @chatteringkids for J10. I don't get any benefit if you sign up for the free trial

Jas, Mom of a P6 Boy J11

though we only manage to do 10 lessons with @chatteringkids , im glad we did it... coz big dude did show improvements in the way he answered the questions...

Shazy, Mom of a P6 Boy Shayden

Before the real exam, I want to know how ready is he for the upcoming oral test and how improve it if he is not ready.

So, recently I let him tried 𝕄𝕆𝔼 𝕊𝕥𝕚𝕞𝕦𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝕆𝕣𝕒𝕝 𝔼𝕩𝕒𝕞 from @chatteringkids . He was so enjoying the whole lesson. The teachers is also very friendly, make him relax to answer the questions. I also received the report after lesson.

Jessica, Mom of a P6 Boy Richardo

I made the mistake of not conversing frequently in Mandarin to my kids when they were very young. As a result, they have slight difficulty in holding dialogues in Mandarin fluently. As we know, the Chinese Oral weightage is 25% and my kids usually do not score well in this area.

I signed up for one of my P5 girls. Overall, the teacher was very encouraging and the 1 to 1 lesson is really helpful. My girl has more chances to speak up and be corrected as compared to a class setting.

Evonne, Mom of a P5 Girl Eva

Recently, I signed up for lesson for my P5 boy who turn to P6 next year. So, before I prepare him for PSLE, I want to know how good is he in english, not only composition, but also his oral and communication skills.. since oral component is 15% of the total english exam score!

My honest review, the teacher was very encouraging and my opinion is 1 for 1 lesson is better than a class setting. My son was so enjoyed the class.

Jessica, Mom of a P5 Boy Richardo

Not only English, I also signed up for Chinese lesson. Do you know that Chinese oral weightage is 25% of total Chinese exam score?!?

It really worries me! As we are not from a Chinese speaking family. I really can't help him other than find him the best platform/teacher who can help him. I believe having 1-1 online class is better than class settings.

Jessica, Mom of a P5 Boy Richardo

Amber enjoyed it and in just 45 minutes, the teacher gave a lot of constructive advice and criticism and she got to practice her reading and question-answering skills

Celine, Mom of a P5 Girl Amber

Overall she enjoys the class, otherwise she would say NO to me if I ask her to attend more lessons. I suggested to her to get more practice and she said ok.

Mag, Mom of a P5 Girl 

Not only reading through for oral but @chatteringkids teacher would go through the words and the meaning of it

Vinna, Mom of a P4 Girl Alyssa

Always worry on little one PSLE Oral exam be it Chinese or English!!

Recently he attended lesson from @chatteringkids for Chinese and English Oral Online classes. Both Teachers were very patient and encourage him when he doesn’t understand or can’t read the passage. 

Queeny, Mom of a P5 Boy Kenneth

It was an interesting Chinese oral and communication class with @chatteringkids yesterday. I had the opportunity to watch how Dylan performed for the picture description and indeed, he was struggling quite a bit.The teacher taking Dylan was very gentle and patient. She would prompt Dylan only whenever needed and gave him lots of time to come up with the words or sentences. Overall, the class was very well planned out and the content suitable for his level.

Juliana, Mom of a P3 Boy Dylan

Started off with him reading a passage, Teacher Ruchelle would correct his pronunciation and asked if there is any words he does not understand. She would also explain what it means and gave examples to make him understand better.

Mrs Oh, Mom of a P5 Boy Zeph

Thanks to the patience of the teacher, she got to read with the help of the teacher telling her how to read each words. Teacher will also give clues on how to describe the picture too.

Min, Mom of a P5 Girl Caylla

We are elated that our students got good grades for their school oral tests! Thank you for sharing with us Mummy C

Mummy C, Mom of a P5 Girl

From the teacher’s report, I know that my kids struggled with word recognition and articulation. Definitely a long way from being eloquent

Shir Li, Mom of P4 twins & P3 Boy

I am very guilty that I don’t really pay much attention to oral as I always thought my girl will not have much of an issue scoring for oral. I shared with her the feedbacks and we also discussed on areas of improvement.

Ivy, Mom of a P5 Girl Pam

The passage was a tad difficult for shay to read but the teacher was very patient and guided him with hypy.. there were videos shown and games played during the 1hr class, and mrshay truly enjoyed the ‘driving’ game coz he’s into driving these days.

Shazy, Mom of a P5 Boy Shayden

The lesson starts with oral reading, student gets to read first before teacher corrects his mistakes and teach him the correct way to do it. Followed by 看图说话,which is the most difficult. Teacher prompts him by asking him questions and afterwards provide him with the model answer. Later she made him tell the story again without the answer to make sure he understands it well.

Zoe, Mom of a P3 Boy Dylan

Facebook Reviews

Thank you Mummy S for sharing, bravo to ur daughter’s first attempt in video conversation for Chinese Oral and achieving great results. Heartening to see our students nailing the oral exam concepts and score well!

Mummy S, Mom of P5 girl

So, I let little one tried MOE Stimulated Oral Exams from @chatteringkids , which he was very relax and enjoying on the online lesson from the friendly teacher.

Queeny, Mom of a P5 Boy Kenneth

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